04/21/2018 @ Munford Community Center

O’Shay Edwards Defeated Kelvin Hytes after a low blow went undetected by the referee.

P Dogg Mike Posey & Eric “the Ghost Silva” w/ Matthias Darkthorne were beaten by The Wrecking Crew (Lamar Phillips & Bobby Hayes)

Jaxon Vile defeated Julius Pryor

Veronica Fairchild retained her SLW women’s Championship after battling to a 
no contest with Dementia D’Rose

Kavron Kanyon Lost by DQ to Cousin Skeeter after Bobby Flaco interfered.

Trevor Aeon made his SLW debut and defeated Hunter Young
Hunter was later put through a table by BDI

Bobby Flaco Defeated Remarkable Ryan Rembrant

BDI were beaten by DWGB & Steven Michaels in six man action


04/07/2018 @ Munford Community Center
Southern Classic Cup Tournament to Crown 1st SLW TV Champion

Dawson Devine defeated Steven Michaels to move on to the semi finals

Cody Windham defeated Sean Sims to advance to the semi Finals

Sean Legacy Defeated Hunter Young to advance to the semi finals

Extreme Heat Defeated Johnny Kaos to advance to the semi finals

The Wrecking Crew Lamar Philips & Bobby Hayes defeated Sukity Tanaka and Jeremy Foster

Cody Windham defeated Dawson Devine to advance to the finals

Sean Legacy defeated Extreme Heat to advance to the finals

BDI (Joey & Luke) were beaten by DWGB

Cody Windham defeated Sean Legacy in the Final Match to win the SCC Tournament and become the first ever SLW TV Champion


03/24/2018 @ Munford Community Center

Luke Lord Defeated Julius Pryor 

The Beautiful One Zackery Shine made his in ring debut and defeated Sukit Tanaka

P Dogg Mike Posey defeated Antonio Garza

The Nasty Kritters defeated Colton Kegan & Jordan Matthews

Extreme Heat defeated Sean Sims with the Spinebuster

Steven Michaels defeated Jaxon Vile

Joey Sartain & The British Bruiser Ed Balls were defeated by Johnny Slaughter & Major Victory


03/17/2018 @ Munford Community Center

Beat Down Inc (Luke Lord & Scott Cannon) defeated an injured DWGB to become SLW Tag Team Champoions

Cody Windham and O’shay Edwards ended in a double count out

Extreme Heat & Johnny Slaughter defeated P Dogg Mike Posey a& Johnny Kaos with a spinebuster

Sean Legacy was defeated by Steven Michaels

Cabana Man Dan was victorious in a triple threat match against Britt Jackson & Jeremy Foster

Kacee Carlise defeated Fantasy by Countout when Fantasy refused to show up

BDI Retained the SLW Tag Team Titles against Julius Pryor & Kelvin Hytes

Joey Sartain Retained the SLW Championship against Hunter Young


03/03/2018 @ Munford Community Center

Sean Legacy Defeated Cabana Man Dan

Hunter Young beat Sukit Tanaka with the Saint Drop

Johnny Kaos was disqualified against Extreme Heat

DWGB Retained the SLW Tag Team Championship in a street fight against the Rednexicans

Cody Windham Defeated Sean Sims

Scott Cannon Defeated Skeeter Kritter

Johnny Slaughter defeated Syrian Assassin with the Manslaughter

Joey Sartain defeated Steve Michaels with the help of Returning Luke Lord to become the SLW Heavyweight Champion


2/17/18 @ Munford Community Center

Sukit Tanaka & Syrian Assassin lost to The Kritters

Cody Windham beat Scott Cannon

Julius Pryor  defeated Donnie Primetime

Johnny Kaos & Sean Legacy beat CMD & Extreme Heat

Miss Korea lost to SLW Womens Champion Veronica Fairchild

Dem West Georgia Boys defeated Lights Cameron Action & Sean Sims

Mike Posey pinned Kelvin Hytes

Steven Michaels defeated K.P. King by DQ to retain the SLW Championship

Johnny Slaughter beat Brad Savage in a Casket Match


2/3/18 @ Munford Community Center

Johnny Slaughter defeated Sean Legacy

Johnny Kaos pinned Hunter Young

Dem West Georgia Boys retained the SLW Tag Team Championships against The Fellowship in a reverse decision

Joey Sartain lost by countout to SLW Champion Steven Michaels

Brad Savage beat Major Victory

Rednexicans defeated Syrian Assassin & Sukit Tanaka

Beatdown Inc (Sartain & King) beat Steven Michaels in a handicap match


1/20/18 @ Munford Community Center

Brad Savage defeated Hunter Young

Cody Windham pinned Sean Legacy

Johnny Slaughter beat Donnie Primetime

Dawson Devine lost to Extreme Heat

Johnny Kaos defeated Cabana Man Dan

Steven Michaels retained the SLW Championship against Mason Tyler

Dem West Georgia Boys beat The Rednexicans to remain the SLW Tag Team Champions

1/6/18 @ Munford Community Center

Scott Cannon was pinned by Johnny Slaughter

K.P. King soundly defeated Major Victory

Sean Legacy lost to Hunter Young

Cody Windham turned back the challenge of Brad Savage

Dem West Georgia Boys successfully defended the SLW tag titles against The Hate Club

Joey Sartain beat Extreme Heat by countout

The Kritters beat Sukit Tanaka & Psycho Circus

The match between Johnny Kaos and Steven Michaels for the SLW Championship was thrown out after Joey Sartain interfered.


12/2/17 @ Munford Community Center

Cabana Man Dan beat Mike Posey

Brad Savage defeated Sean Nelson

The Kritters defeated Sukit Tanaka, Syrian Assassin and Red Death

Extreme Heat topped Donnie Primetime

Johnny Kaos and Logan Creed battled to a double DQ

Johnny Slaughter pinned Joey Sartain in a Lumberjack Match

Steven Michaels pinned Cody Windham to retain the SLW Championship


11/18/17 @ Munford Community Center

In an opening interview, Johnny Kaos turned on his brother Chris Kaos. Johnny also accepted the offer of The Hustler to become his new manager.

SLW Tag Team Champions, Dem West Georgia Boys turned back the challenge of Syco Circus & Scott Cannon

Cousin Skeeter beat Sukit Tanaka

Johnny Kaos defeated Major Victory

Extreme Heat pinned Jeremy Flynt

Veronica Fairchild pinned Erica Jade to retain the SLW Ladies Championship

Steven Michaels turned back the challenge of "Big" John Dalton to remain the SLW Champion

Johnny Slaughter & Damon Taz beat Beatdown Inc


11/4/17 @ Munford Community Center

Donnie Primetime defeated Cabana Man Dan and Lights Cameron Action is a three way match.

Extreme Heat pinned Brian Alexander

Dem West Georgia Boys beat Sons of Kaos to become the SLW Tag Team Champions

Davy Rich over Wildman Kongo

Steven Michaels defeated Mike Posey to retain the SLW Championship

Johnny Slaughter (w/Damon Taz) beat  Joey Sartain (w/Beatdown Inc)

Beatdown Inc (Luke Lord & KP King) defeated Tough Guy Inc (Bob Evans & Tim Hughes)


10/21/17 @ Munford Community Center

Major Victory vs. Skeeter ended in a no-contest when Beatdown Inc hit the ring and started beating up Major Victory thinking it was Johnny Slaugher. Slaughter made the save.

Sons of Kaos were defeated in a non-title match against Dem West Georgia Boys

Johnny Slaughter beat Luke Lord by DQ when Beatdown Inc interfered. Major Victory came to his rescue and revealed that he was Damon Taz under the mask.

Kacee Carlisle beat Veronica Fairchild to earn a title match on December 18th.

Extreme Heat pinned Joey Sartain when Sartain was distracted by Slaughter.

Steven Michaels retained the SLW Championship when his match against Cody Windham ended in a time limit draw.


10/7/17 @ Munford Community Center

Dem Georgia Boyz beat Sons of Kaos in a non-title match
John Dalton pinned Skeeter
Extreme Heat turned back Brian Alexander
Veronica Fairchild successfully defended her SLW Ladies Championship by beating Erica Jade
Charles Zanders came out the winner in a 3-Way Match against Mr. O'Hagan & Rey Fury
Steven Michaels retained the SLW Championship against Cody Windham
Veterans of War & Georgia Heat defeated Beatdown Inc & Major Victory


9/16/17 @ Munford Community Center

B-What beat James Powers
Cody Roberts pinned Ice
Chris Henry retained the Sun Coast Heritage Title against Kravon Kanyon
Kritters were defeated by Sons of Kaos
Steven Michaels retained the SLW Championship when he beat Brian Alexander
Beatdown Inc was able to claim the victory over Johnny Slaughter and Luke Lord when Lord turned on Slaugher.


9/2/17 @ Munford Community Center

The Armstrong Family (Bob, Scott, Brad, Steve and Brian), Allen Martin and the late Michael Plezing were inducted into the 2017 class of the Alabama Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

Josh Storm beat The Syrian Assassin
Extreme Heat pinned Oma
Josh Cantrell won by reverse decision over Brian Alexander
Kritters over Sons of Kaos & Danny Garvin in a 6-Man Tag Match
Luke Lord & Steven Michaels beat Hustler & John Dalton
Johnny Slaughter and Goth ended in a no-contest
Johnny Slaughter & Goth tagged to beat Beatdown Inc.
Extreme Heat won the 20-man Frank "The Flame" Barnhill Memorial Cup Battle Royal


8/19/17 @ Munford Community Center
Luke Lord pinned Joey Sartain
Sons of Kaos retained the SLW Tag Titles against GA Heat
Extreme Heat pinned Hustler
K.P. King over Johnny Slaughter
Pretty Great and The Kritters battled to a double DQ
Francisco Ciatso retained the AIWF Heavyweight Championship against SLW Champion Steven Michaels when he was counted out.


8/5/17 @ Munford Community Center
Mike Posey pinned Josh Storm
Sketter beat Syrian Assassin
Logan Creed defeated Luke Lord
Hustler beat Extreme Heat
Steven Michaels retained the SLW Championship against Chris Knox
Joey Sartain over Johnny Slaughter
Sons of Kaos outlasted The Kritters, GA Heat and Pretty Great to become the first SLW Tag Team Champions


7/2/17 @ Munford Community Center
Joey Sartain beat Josh Storm
Hassan Wicker beat Luke Lord and Chris Knox in a 3-Way Match
Sons of Kaos defeated The Kritters
K.P. King beat Terry Lawler
Hustler over Extreme Heat
Steven Michaels beat Johnny Kaos to become the new SLW Champion
GA Heat defeated The Superstars

6/30/17 @ Layfayette Freedom Fest
Josh Cantrell beat Johnny Kaos
Drew Game pinned Jason Hampton
Francisco Ciatso defeated Josh Storm
Stormie Lee and Tasha Simone fought to a draw
Johnny Slaughter retained his SLW Championship agains Joey Sartain and Chris Knox
GA Heat beat Sons of Kaos


6/4/17 @ Munford Community Center
Johnny Slaughter by DQ over Johnny Kaos
Hassan Wicker lost to Joey Lightning
Chris Knox beat Extreme Heat
Kritters beat Steve Plezing & Donnie Primetime
Johnny Slaughter & Joey Sartain lost to Sons of Kaos
GA Heat beat Pretty Great


5/21/17 @ Lafayettee Recreation Center
Joey Sartain beat Pretty Boy Floyd
Hassan Wicker pinned Kameron Kade
Johnny Slaughter over Brian Alexander
Toy Dotson lost to Adam Jacobs
GA Heat over Lamar Phillips & Bobby Hayes


5/7/17 @ Munford Community Center
Cabana Man Dan beat Chris Knox
Extreme Heat pinned Shawn Clark
Joey Sartain beat Chris Knox
Steven Michaels over Josh Storm
Lamar Phillips lost to Hassan Wicker
Johnny Slaughter retained the SLW Championship against Johnny Kaos
GA Heat beat Pretty Great


4/15/17 @ Lafayette Recreation Center
Joey Sartain won a 3-Way Match against Chris Nelmes & Terry Lawler
Kameron Kade pinned Torque
Lamar Phillips beat Hassan Wicker
Johnny Slaughter beat Johnny Kaos for the SLW Championship
Toy Dotson defeated Adam Jacobs
GA Heat beat The Bowser Brothers to become the new AIWF World Tag Team Champions


4/1/17 @ Munford Community Center
Scum Kritter pinned Keith Arden
Scrub Kritter lost to Steven Michaels
Joey Sartain beat Syrian Assassin
Josh Storm downed Brian Alexander
Johnny Slaughter battled Chris Knox to a draw
Johnny Kaos retained the SLW Championship against Extreme Heat
Joey Sartain won a battle royal


3/18/17 @ Lafayette Recreation Center
Joey Lightning beat Nate Wilde
Joey Sartain pinned K.P. King
Adam Jacobs defeated Toy Dotson
Brian Alexander over Keith Arden
Adam Jacobs by DQ over SLW Champion Johnny Kaos
Joel Deaton & Jimmy Powell defeated Bobby Hayes & Lamar Phillips


3/12/17 @ Albertville Middle School
Jeremiah Plunkett beat Extreme Heat
Antonio Garza pinned Kid Kaos
Hassan Wicker knocked out James O'Malley
Johnny Slaughter over Steven Michaels
Extreme Heat & Joey Sartain beat Jeremiah Plunkett & K.P. King
Crimson beat Johnny Kaos


3/4/17 @ Munford Community Center
Johnny Slaughter defeated Kid Kaos
Joey Sartain pinned K.P. King
Johnny Kaos over Scotty Blaze by countout
Extreme Heat beat Syrian Assassin
Scum Kritter upended Shawn Clark
Brian Alexander over Josh Storm
Extreme Heat won a Fatal 4-Way to crown the new SLW Champion