Trever Aeon is a bitter degenerate with a grudge against the World itself.  Born in Atlanta, GA but now residing from the mysterious Clock Tower, Trever seeks only to take the rage, pain, and hate he's felt and dish it out to the World.  However, he wants to do it with a dark narcissistic style all his own.  A member of the Left Hand Path, Trever seeks to knock opponents out and make sure everyone know he did it!
Trever Aeon (Pronounced E-On)

        ​"Member of The Left Hand Path"
Height & Weight: 5'11" 206 lbs

Hails from: 
The Clock Tower

Finishing Maneuver: 
"The Scar Maker" - Sliding Elbow Strike

Titles held: 
Pro South Champion
Pro South All Out Champion
GCW Tag Team Champion
APCW Tag Team Champion
Peachstate Tag Team Champion
Background photo by Ashley Bunn