Cousin Skeeter is "Toe"-tally  awesome.  His unrelenting focus on attacking his opponents' toes has left many a men barley able to walk after encountering Skeeter in the ring.  His ability to constantly find new ways to render his opponent's feet useless has enabled him to upset many would be victors. Cousin Skeeter is as dangerous as he is amusing as a member of the Nasty Kritters
Cousin Skeeter

        "Member Of The Nasty Kritters"
Height & Weight: Taller than 1 & 1/2 Trash cans weight in at 1/2 a dumpster

Hails from: Turkey Creek Landfill

Finishing Maneuver: 
The people's toe, toe-stone pile driver

Titles held: Multi-time wrestling tag team champion.
Background photo by Ashley Bunn