Scrub is the oldest of two   brothers in the Kritters. Born and   raised in the Turkey Creek   landfill.  He inherited the landfill   after he won it on a dirt track race   Bet. He’s toured every landfill in   the southeast and is the   undisputed world landfill   champion. After 20 years in the   business he guarantees that he   has the stinkiest pit in town.​
Scrub Kritter

        "Member Of The Nasty Kritters"
 Height & Weight: 6'3" 285 lbs

 Hails from: 
 Turkey Creek Landfill

 Finishing Maneuver: 
 Kritter Krunch and Pitty City 

 Titles held: 
 Multi time ACW tag team champion,
 2 time ACW heavyweight champion,
 World landfill champ
Background photo by Ashley Bunn