One of the most decorated stars in SLW, P Dogg has wrestled for countless organizations.  

He even spent time as a referee in WWE, TNA, and is a current referee in ROH. He has appeared on 2 Wrestlemanias and numerous PPVs. 

His time as a referee has allowed him to find new ways to bend the rules and manipulate other referees in his matches.  Truly one of the smartest combatants in SLW, he is a contender for every championship in the company.
P Dogg Mike Posey

Height & Weight:  5' 8" 171lbs

Hails from: Trussville, AL

Finishing Maneuver: 
Leg Drop From The Top Rope

Titles held: 
NWA Tennessee Jr heavyweight champion
NWA Alabama Jr heavyweight champion 
NWA Alabama tag team champion 
Anarchy heavyweight champion 
Anarchy tag team champion
Peachstate wrestling Alliance triple crown champion (heavyweight, tag, no limits) 
Pro South tag and all out champion 
Background photo by Ashley Bunn