Former Collegiate Offensive Lineman turned wrestler. Finalist in the 2017 Great Southern Eight. Trained under Johnny Swinger and WWF HOF Robert Gibson respectively. Known for his strong gift of gab and a even stronger punch. Excels in the ring with a brawler style of wrestling that focuses on his power, size, and his unsuspecting agility from a man his size. His offense isn't pretty, then again, when is a fight ever pretty? He's a man known to get results, how he get them is different story all together.
O'Shay Edwards

Height & Weight: 6'3"  235 lbs

Hails from: Mount Vernon, NY by way of Atlanta, Georgia

Finishing Maneuver: 
"47 Ronin" - Swinging Sideslam

Titles held: Multi-time wrestling AIWF Six Man Tag Team Championship, 
ProSouth Twin States Championship, 
UIW Tag Team Champion,  
Pro Wrestling EGO Style Champion
Background photo by Ashley Bunn