Kacee Carlisle is a veteran of the ring with over 12 years of experience. Over the past several years Kacee has been voted the Wrestler of the Year for several promotions, wrestling news websites and fan polls. In 2011 she was ranked #46 in PWI Magazine's Top 50 Females in professional wrestling, climbed in the ranks to #40 in 2012 and in 2013 made a huge leap in the rankings to #7. Kacee continued to enjoy a high ranking in 2014, coming in at #18. She is also ranked in PWI's online ratings and monthly magazine ratings on a regular basis.
Kacee Carlisle

 Height & Weight: 5'2" 145 lbs

Hails from: San Francisco, CA

Finishing Maneuver: Kace Closed (Double Underhook DDT)

Titles held: To date, she has wrestled in 21 different states and has proudly held countless championship titles along the way, most notably the prestigious NWA Women's World Title.
Background photo by Ashley Bunn