The barefoot wrestler from the Philippine Islands, CMD, always makes a splash wherever he goes! A veteran of the Southern independent wrestling scene since 2001! CMD enjoys combining fun and grappling expertise in the squared circle. At 5'4" and 160lbs, don't let Dan's size fool you, with his nearly indestructible coconut bashing head, he could be pound for pound, one of the toughest opponents around and beware the Flip Flop Chops!​
Cabana Man Dan

        "Master Of The Flip Flop Chop"
Height & Weight: 5'4" 160 lbs

Hails from: The Philippines

Finishing Maneuver: The Surf's Up, Flip Flop Flying Kick

Titles held: Multi-time wrestling champion across the country
Background photo by 
Ashley Bunn
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